Junier Bolivar

Junier Bolivar

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First Name * Junier
Last Name * Bolivar
Username * aguila
Country * Netherlands
City Amsterdam
Nationality Costa Rican
Languages English



Availability: Freelance
Website www.junierbolivar.com


I'm a storyteller who likes to attach a string to clouds and see where they take me.

Born and raised in Costa Rica, I am an artist-painter- illustrator now living in Amsterdam. From here I would like to bring my vision of the wonders of nature in the form of fine art; from its beauty to its conservation, from its animals to that wonderful machine called human with its flaws and its greatness.

My style I call it Fantastic Realism.Today there are few artists who can create interesting pieces of art in the style of realistic art. It is also now days difficult to find the combination of realism ,fantasy and surrealism. And finally, is hard to integrate all those to create an emotional story in the form of fine art or illustration. I think I have the skills, training, experience and motivation to compile these factors into a final product that is worth to sell as an art piece original or as a print reproduction.